Brake, Reverse & Chase Light (5 Functions)

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The all new brake, reverse and chase light by Infinite Offroad is now available.  5 functions in a small and easy to install package: Strobe, brake light, running light, reverse light & courtesy/cooler light


Simply use the included tube clams to bolt to a tube or use the L bracket to mount to a flat surface.  Then wire up what ever functions you would like to use to the appropriate wire!  Great for any application, UTVs, Trucks, Tube Buggies, 4 Wheelers, Jeep or Boats.  


It is also covered by the best warranty on the market, a 25yr you break it we replace it unvoidable warranty.  


Wiring Color Code:

Black: Ground

Green: Strobe Light
Yellow: Brake Light

Red: Running Light

Blue: Reverse Light

White: Courtesy Down Light


Width: 7"

Height: 2"

Depth: 2.5"