Compact High Output Dual Row Light Bar

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Infinite Offroad light bars are some of the toughest and brightest in the business, they are also backed by the best warranty on the market. Our all new compact, high output light bars offer superior output using high efficiency Cree 5w emitters (66% more watts than most competitors) and in a much smaller case size. This gives you additional mounting options and reduced weight as well. Don't be fooled by other brands selling gimmicks like 3d/4d/5d lenses that concentrate the light to a very small area and leaving you in the dark virtually everywhere else. Our optimized combo beam pattern ensures the light is output in the optimal usable areas for driving at all speeds. Military spec anti fog breathers keep you moisture free and our 25yr you break it we replace it warranty covers any issue, even accidental damage. Add an optional wiring kit for plug and play installation which includes a switch, wireless key fob and several strobe functions.


Wiring kit includes relay, switch & wireless remote with strobe functionality.  


Add adjustable bottom mount bracket as pictured in photo if you need to mount the bar directly under it vs the "L" brackets on the sides.  


First measurement is the lens size, second is the bar size end to end (20"/22" is 20" lens with 22" case)

10"/12" LED Cree Light Bar - 100W - 10,400k Lumen

20"/22" LED Cree Light Bar - 200W - 20,800k Lumen

30"/32" LED Cree Light Bar - 300W - 31,200k Lumen 

40"/42" LED Cree Light Bar - 400W - 41,600k Lumen

50"/52" LED Cree Light Bar - 500W - 52,000k Lumen